La Baraka



French cuisine
with a touch of North Africa

Northern Blvd.
Little Neck, NY



Twilight Menu
Soupe du jour

Pâté du jour
Goose liver mousse

Moules provencales
Mussels, garlic, parsley

Quiche aux épinards

Quiche Lorraine
Ham, bacon, cheese quiche

Soupe à l’oignon +$3.95
Onion soup


Bœuf bourguignon
Beef cubes cooked in red wine

Sole provençale
Filet of sole, peppers, tomato, onions

Onglet grillé
Grilled Hanger steak

Truite almondine
Trout sautéed, almonds, lemon

Côtes d’agneau à l’ail + $4.95
Lamb chops broiled, garlic

Saumon à l’aneth
Filet of salmon broiled, dill sauce

Brochette d’agneau
Lamb shish kebab

Coquille St.-Jacques
Scallops, shrimps, crab meat

Poulet à la moutarde
Half chicken roasted, Dijon sauce

Pâtes aux fruits de mer +$4.95
Angel hair pasta, shrimp, clams, calamari, mussels, white wine

Canard à l’orange + $4.95
Roasted half duck, orange sauce

Dessert et Café, Thé $33.95
Entrée without appetizer $30.95
Special du jour + $4.95

Crème caramel
Caramel custard

Salade de fruits
Fruit salad

Gâteau au fromage
Cheese cake

Gâteau aux fraises
Strawberry mousse cake

Gâteau au chocolat
Chocolate truffle cake

Mousse au chocolat
Chocolate mousse

Tarte aux fruits
Fruit tart

Tartuffe   $3.95
Hard chocolate, ice cream

Profiteroles   $3.95
Cream puffs, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate

Espresso   $3.25
Cappuccino   $4.95
Iced Tea/Coffee   $2.50
Turkish Coffee   $3.25

Twilight is served Sunday thru Friday
5:00 pm to 6:45 pm
Saturday until 6:15 pm

Chef Selection
Hors d'œuvres
Pâté du jour
Moules farcies
Soupe du jour
Sole provençale
Filet of sole, onions
peppers, tomato sauce
  Coquille St. Jacques
Shrimp, scallops, crab meat
Moules mariniere
Mussels steamed
in white wine & garlic
Poulet a la dijonnaise
Half chicken, roasted,
mustard sauce
Boeuf bourguignon
Beef cubes
cooked in red wine sauce
Brochette d'agneau
Lamb shish kebab
 Café or Tea
$5.00 extra to substitute for 1/2 Escargots or Onion Soup.

Complete Dinner
Hors d'œuvres
Pâté du jour
Moules farcies
Soupe du jour
Quiche lorraine
Spinach Quiche
Canard a l'orange
Raspberry or peach
  Cotes d'agneau
Grilled lamb chops
with garlic and parsley
Onglet Bearnaise
Hanger steak
with Bernaise sauce
Saumon a l'aneth
Broiled salmon
with dill sauce
Truite almondine
Trout with almonds,
lemon, parsley
Pates cheveaux d'ange
Angel hair pasta with shrimp, clams, mussels
in a white wine sauce
Café or Tea
$5.00 extra to substitute for 1/2 Escargots or Onion Soup.

À la carte Menu
Hors d'œuvres
Escargots de Bourgogne
Half-dozen   $11.95
Dozen      $20.95
Merguez     $ 10.95
Tunisian lamb and beef sausage
Quiche aux épinards      $9.95
Quiche lorraine   $9.95
Moules farcies     $9.95
Mussels stuffed with garlic
Ramequin au fromage    $9.95
Croissant dough stuffed with chopped
mushrooms and Swiss cheese
Coquille St.-Jacques    $10.95
Scallops poached and served with shrimp,
mushrooms, and topped with cheese
Bestel        $9.95
Strudel stuffed with meat, eggs, and mashed potatoes
Pâté du jour   $9.95
Soupe du jour      $7.95
Soupe à l'oignon gratinée   $10.95
Côtes d'agneau persillées $29.95
Three lamb chops grilled and served
with garlic and parsley
Brochette d'agneau    $26.95
Broiled lamb shish kebab
Filet au poivre $36.95
Filet mignon broiled and served with
crushed pepper, brandy and cream
Entrecôte bordelaise     $31.95
Shell steak broiled and served with
bordeaux wine sauce
Bœuf bourguignon   $26.95
Hanger steak served with bernaise sauce
Onglet Bérnaise   $27.95
Beef cubes cooked in red wine sauce
Escalope de veau normande
Veal cutlets cooked with mushrooms, cream and brandy
Côte de veau aux oignons     $44.95
Veal chop broiled and served with
bacon and onions sautéed
Saumon l’aneth     $26.95
Filet of salmon broiled and served with dill sauce
Truite aux amandes      $26.95
Trout sautéed and served with almonds
Bass or Snapper au poivre     $27.95
Filet of fish broiled and served with
crushed pepper, brandy and cream
Sole provençale    $26.95
Filet of sole broiled and served with
green pepper, tomato and onion sauce
Crevettes de Nice     $28.95
Large shrimp sautéed in garlic
Moules mariniere     $26.95
Mussels steamed in white wine, garlic and parsley
Pates cheveux d'ange
Angel hair pasta with shrimp, clams, mussels,calamari
Cuisses de grenouille    $29.95
Sautéed frog legs, garlic, parsley 
Canard à l'orange    $29.95
Half roasted duck with orange sauce
Canard aux pêches      $29.95
Half roasted duck with peach sauce
Canard aux framboises     $29.95
Half roasted duck with raspberry sauce
Poulet à la sauce dijonnaise    $23.95
Half roasted chicken served with a Dijon mustard sauce
Brochette de poulet au poivre vert     $24.95
Chicken kebab, white meat only, broiled and
served with a green peppercorn sauce
All entrees are served with salad, potatoes or rice and vegetables.
$5.00 extra for sharing entree 

Couscous Royal
 Special appetizers
 Semolina cooked by steam, served with flank, lamb, chicken,
all vegetables in season,
and chickpeas seasoned in cumin.
 Served with merguez
Homemade Tunisian lamb and beef sausage
Turkish Coffee (or Regular)