La Baraka



French cuisine
with a touch of North Africa

Northern Blvd.
Little Neck, NY


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Dinner a la carte Menu
Hors d'œuvres
Merguez     $ 10.95
Tunisian lamb and beef sausage
Ramequin au fromage    $10.95
Croissant dough stuffed with chopped mushrooms and Swiss cheese
Coquille St.-Jacques    $11.95
Scallops poached and served with shrimp,
mushrooms, and topped with cheese
Bestel   $9.95
Strudel stuffed with meat, eggs, and mashed potatoes
Filet au poivre $38.95
Filet mignon broiled and served with
crushed pepper, brandy and cream
Entrecôte bordelaise     $33.95
Shell steak broiled and served with
bordeaux wine sauce
Côte de veau aux oignons     $46.95
Veal chop broiled and served with
bacon and onions sautéed
Bass or Snapper au poivre     $32.95
Filet of fish broiled and served with
crushed pepper, brandy and cream
Crevettes de Nice     $32.95
Large shrimp sautéed in garlic
Cuisses de grenouille    $33.95
Sautéed frog legs, garlic, parsley 
All entrees are served with salad, potatoes or rice and vegetables.
Couscous Royal
Semolina cooked by steam, served with flanken beef, lamb, chicken, in-season vegetables and chick peas, season with cumin.
Served with merguez and special appetizers and dessert.